Checkout charity fundraising on the rise

Many charitable organizations are developing creative charity fundraising ideas for their causes. One of the many practices they have come up with and are using in full force is checkout donation requests. Consumers are now able to contribute to a charity while shopping at a retail location, adding the amount of donation onto their checkout bill. The practice is convenient, useful and gaining traction at a lot of stores.

Recent studies show that nonprofits are significantly increasing their funds due to checkout donation requests, leading to new donors and cause supporters, according to the Tampa Bay Times. As this tactic gains even more popularity, organizations should prepare their websites for an increase in online giving as more new donors turn to the Internet to conduct additional research and fill out more donation request forms for the cause.

New donation techniques reaching consumers
Cause Marketing Forum, a philanthropy partnership company, looked at the success of checkout giving and found that it is a huge part of how nonprofits of all sizes increase donations. Larger nonprofits saw a considerable amount of money put toward their cause at cash registers during 2012. The study reported that eBay raised $54 million by simply asking shoppers to donate to charity when checking out, a Walmart and Sam's Club store campaign raised $41 million for pediatric health care facilities and McDonald's raised $28 million with a fundraising event with multiple restaurants for its charitable cause, according to Nonprofit Quarterly.

The retail and food services realms are making giant leaps to get consumers to donate to causes when they have their credit card out and ready. But there are also ways to collect donations at stores without credit cards, namely jars for spare change or offering to round the payment amount up to the nearest dollar. While small, these extra bits of change make all the difference for nonprofits.

How nonprofits can support new fundraising initiatives
As checkout charity payments increase, it's important to make sure the rest of the organization is ready to take on new growth changes and support an increase of interest in cause initiatives. Preparing the website for more donations, starting new social media plans and getting volunteers ready for bigger, better fundraising events are all steps nonprofits can take to support donor outreach efforts across the board. Having a cohesive fundraising program will help gain new donors and lead to success in the long run.

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