Charity fundraising ideas for email outreach

Charities that utilize a wide variety of mediums to promote their cause and encourage people to fill out donation forms may see a larger group of supporters than those that don't. Reaching out to donors and prospects through email is one of the most integral parts of developing personal relationships with them. Direct promotional efforts ensure organizations can communicate more intimately with their intended recipients while also offering links to charity content on the website or social media pages. It's important that email strategies are refined, meaningful and appropriate for their audiences.

There are several ways nonprofits can build a loyal group of donors by connecting with them over email and other online tactics, but it is a good idea to constantly try new approaches to keep people engaged and excited to receive whatever content is coming next. Here are a few tips on creating compelling and meaningful email fundraising content:

1. Get personal
Business 2 Community said the best fundraising emails are relevant and relay very personal message to recipients. When donors can find something they have in common with the organization and relate to the message, they are more willing to investigate further. Segmenting will also help with this, as it allows emails with varied content to be sent to different groups of people depending on their preferences or interests. 

2. Utilize all email features
Use the subject line and sender identity to their full advantage. Business 2 Community pointed out that short, relevant subject lines will increase open rates. The source also recommended using the organization's name in email addresses and account profiles to make sure messages aren't filtered into spam folders.

3. Have a solid online donation request
This part of the email allows charities to guide their donor to the next step and is very important. Be clear on what that action is and why they should take it. Making the call to action visible and personally beneficial will deepen relationships and lead to further support. 

4. Be brief, but pack a punch
While emails should be short, they still need to be very impactful. DonationTo stated messages that are brief and to the point won't waste donors' time and still prompt them to fill out a donation form on the charity's website.

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