Charity events get social

Spreading the word about an online charity auction or event is made easier with the help of social media. Interacting with nonprofits on social platforms can be an important part of supporting a cause for many people, and involving donors in the process can be extremely beneficial in the long run.

But there are certain steps to follow when promoting a charity event on social media, and following experts' advice may be necessary for success.

Holding an auction raises funds for the cause and increases awareness. Both of these tactics are beneficial for charities and can even increase online donations.

Here are a couple tips to getting started with social promotion:

  • Start a conversation: Charity Kick recommended avoiding sounding too promotional and overwhelming; instead, try to instigate a discussion and get people talking about the event online. Be social and start conversations. It is much easier to talk about a cause with passion than it is to try and sell it to people. 
  • Feature community members: Try to highlight past supporters, volunteers and public figures who have taken part in past events. Getting attendees excited about who they'll see at the event and posting a special blog post about different supporters can help the organization reach a wider audience.
  • Turn to all social media accounts: Don't be narrow-minded with auction promotion on social media. Facebook and Twitter are good places to start, Charity Kick pointed out, but it's also good to try posting videos on YouTube featuring cause supporters and staff. Charity Kick suggested turning to Pinterest to focus on, which could be a good place to showcase auction visuals.

Having an outline of the whole event and the months or weeks leading up to it is a great idea. It's easiest to share auction information and special features if there is a set plan.

Here are a few important details to remember, provided by BidPal's Charity Auction Guide:

  • Auction items: Get ahead of the game with auction items to share information about them on social media sites to generate hype. Make sure you take great photos of all your items and include well-written descriptions for items that can't be photographed (travel packages, gift cards, etc.).
  • Visuals and video: Grab the audience's attention by offering a variety of high-resolution images, crisp video or other interactive content. You can include media from last year's auction (when applicable) or post videos and pictures of your nonprofit's staff and volunteers working on a project.
  • Media: Release details about auction items to local media and give reporters the organization's social media accounts so interested parties can visit the event site and maybe even fill out an online donation form. The more that people know about your event, the more money you'll raise!
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