Charity blogging increases awareness and engagement

As many organizations focus on content marketing, nonprofit storytelling has become the subject of increased attention, according to the Nonprofit Quarterly. Storytelling can engage donors and partners in charity, but nonprofits have to meet measurement requirements and organizational objectives.

The widespread increase of company blogs can help expand awareness of a donation opportunity, and nonprofits can find unique ways to tell stories about causes and increase donor engagement, Reason Digital stated. However, charitable foundations should be very cautious when starting this tactic because the blog will represent their organization. If nonprofits plan to contract work to a professional blogger, they should do research and make sure the individual's voice will fit the organization's objectives. Nonprofits also need to consider what they will gain from blogging, such as whether they aim raise awareness or increase donations.

Charities have been using storytelling methods to boost awareness and donations for decades, but in a world where consumers are more inundated with information than ever before, it can be hard to really make an impression, the Nonprofit Quarterly said. The Internet has given charitable foundations to spread many more communications about humanitarian and environmental issues, but individuals have limited resources to donate, so a charity's story needs to stand out more than ever. Blogging can expand an organization's supporter base, but the story needs to speak to individual donors.

Combining storytelling and data
With the rise of causes and global crises, a compelling story may not be enough to reel in donors. Organizations need to back up storytelling efforts with hard data, according to the Nonprofit Quarterly. Offering statistics, figures and facts can make the story resonate with a broader audience. However, gathering data and measuring outcomes can be a challenge for charities.

Unique blogging efforts can increase awareness and make a story stand out in the world of fast-paced social media, but many organizations do not have time to spend on these platforms, which is why outsourcing to a contracted blogger could be beneficial, Reason Digital said. Nonprofits need to work closely with writers to ensure their voice is being captured and the right data is included. While charitable foundations want to tell a story, this strategy can be at odds with the need to measure financial outcomes, but organizations that find a way to bring the two together can increase awareness and donations. 

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