Building hype for your nonprofit: A how to

When it comes to attracting the interest of new donors, awareness of your organization and its cause is crucial. If no one knows about your nonprofit and what it does, how can they champion your work and contribute either in person or via your online donation form?

Building an awareness campaign looks easy, especially when some high profile nonprofits enlist the help of celebrities, but not all organizations have that luxury. So how do you create hype for your nonprofit and its work on a budget?

Here are a few things to keep in mind when spreading your message: 

Find your hook
In order to raise awareness, you need a hook or something that will get people talking. The Nonprofit Times referenced Talia Y. Leman's tome "A Random Book About the Power of Anyone" that noted a successful awareness campaign relies on a meaningful, attention-grabbing story.

According to Nonprofit Hub, a compelling and personal story about how your organization made a difference in someone's life or even in a volunteer's course of work can emotionally tie new people to your nonprofit.

A heart-warming anecdote about people overcoming adversity with the assistance of your nonprofit or how your staff and volunteers found their calling while working for your organization can endear you to new donors.

Storytelling is especially important for your advocacy campaigns. Supporters want to be able to rally behind a cause with a targeted vision; your nonprofit's story can give them that vision!

Spread the buzz
If you want to build hype, remember creating a compelling story isn't enough. Don't let your write up or video languish on your website.

You need to get it out to the public! Post it or excerpts from it on all of your nonprofit's social media platforms, and encourage your followers to do the same on their personal Facebook or Twitter pages.

Getting your content to go viral requires many people sharing it, so spread your message by looking for volunteers or social influencers willing to promote your stories and videos to their friends, family, and followers. 

Nonprofit Hub suggests putting call-to-action phrases either toward the beginning or end of your posts so readers or viewers can subscribe to learn more. It's also smart to tie in any upcoming events your organization plans to participate in so potential donors and volunteers may meet you and your staff in person.

A great awareness campaign must put the spotlight on the cause and the followers and volunteers that keep it moving forward. Therefore, it's incumbent upon a nonprofit to recognize all the people that made the goal a reality. Identify your end objectives and continue spreading the word. 

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