Baby boomers and millennials bring different skill sets to nonprofits [VIDEO]

There are a number of stark differences between baby boomers and millennials. Recent data reveals that the differences are largely influenced by the way these generations were brought up and educated.

Watch the video to learn more about the unique skill sets baby boomers and millennials bring to nonprofits.

 Baby boomers and millennials make a difference


New research compiled by professional social network LinkedIn found that baby boomers and millennials are more likely to hold different degrees than their older counterparts. In fact, baby boomers were found to have more likely been education, accounting or business majors. Conversely, millennials are more likely to be science and technology, computer science or electronics majors. Computer and software engineering also made the Top 10 list for most likely majors to be held by millennials. This research comes at a particularly interesting time since nonprofits are increasingly migrating to more digitally reliant operations. It may be time for nonprofit decision-makers to look at investing in the talent of the future as the market evolves with new technology. Please tune in next time for more nonprofit hiring trends!

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