Active blogs can lead to nonprofit success

Between social media and website content, nonprofits have plenty of ways to reach out to their donor base. Blogs carry more permanence than social media and allow for in-depth information sharing.

Blogging creates excitement among all types of donors, according to Nonprofit Hub. Some donors will even do your work for you, sharing your nonprofit's blog post amongst their social networks. The sharing can generate more exposure and more donations for charitable foundations and organizations.

Blogs have to be personal and exciting. They should generate enthusiasm and give concrete examples of how your nonprofit is doing good work. Blogs can't just be a place to cut and paste press releases or post a link to an annual report. Creating a feeling of inclusiveness and community is another important component of successful blog posts.

Photos, informal language and success stories all help a blog pop out and encourage readership and, from that, donations. A set schedule, somewhat flexible but with a target of one post each week, creates a sense of reliability and keeps the content on a nonprofit's blog relevant. Posts can be shorter as long as they accomplish the objectives of attracting readers, encouraging sharing on social media and growing charitable gifts.

Not every nonprofit employee is good at writing, but the use of an informal style will help, as will a set schedule. A positive attitude, along with some research, are recommended by Copyblogger. Regular writing and some form of practice every day will help you grow your writing skills as well.

Blogs are good places to announce things like a new campaign or an online charity auction. Their easily sharable nature and the ability to tell a story, promote links and encourage action all in one webpage make them versatile and effective.

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