Acquire more donors online with a targeted approach

Online donation strategies aren't always cut and dry. Organizations should take a closer look at how they can encourage more gift givers to fill out online donation request forms and continue raising awareness. While this is not always the easiest task, it can be made easier with a more targeted and strategic approach. Many organizations believe that it is good to spread awareness by broadcasting the cause and its purpose to large audiences, but oftentimes, it can be best to target a specific demographic, gain a community of true supporters and move forward from there.

Have transparency
NP Engage recommends having a plan ready. This means understanding the donor's journey and what prompts supporters fill out an online donation form. Start out by showing the value and lasting impact of the organization's cause. No matter the size of the donation, people want to see how it is going to be used. Be clear about the purpose and specific areas of the organization that the money goes to. A straightforward and transparent message about how the nonprofit is run and how its money is handled is always appreciated.

Additionally, it's important to prove the efforts taken with the donated funds. If the whole purpose of the organization is to implement clean water resources in third world countries, offer results and statistics that communicate progress. People like to know that they are actively part of a change and can have a positive effect on others.

Readying the website
Once the nonprofit has people interested in providing support and making a difference, they need to prepare their website and payment solutions to make the donation process as simple and effective as possible. This involves taking a closer look at the structure and design of the nonprofit's site and making some adjustments. Try to take an outsider's perspective and really understand how people interact with the site when they venture onto it.

Network for Good suggests making the donation option incredibly easy to find so people don't have to search for it, because odds are, they won't spend the time looking around. In addition, don't hesitate to ask for donations on the website. It's a smart idea to have strong graphics and copy that communicate the mission of the organization and catch readers' eyes. Try to align donors' values with those of the nonprofit to create that personal attachment and relationship with them.

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