Accountability and transparency are attractive features for potential donors

Potential and existing givers are more concerned with transparency and accountability in nonprofits, and this could particularly concern your online donation processing. The demands of donors are evolving along with the means to reach them and givers are increasingly putting a premium on information and honesty.

Millennials specifically expect openness, The NonProfit Times reported. Given the degree to which people share their lives through social media, many potential donors want reciprocal access to your charity. They will undoubtedly do their research - one more reason to have a welcoming and impressive website - and consider business practices and commitments. The public in general is information-hungry and often that means more than providing a mission statement.

Donors want to know the details on how their contributions are being spent, who is in charge and who is benefiting. Nonprofits should be truthful with the facts they use to fundraise and in all follow-up communications with donors, the National Council of Nonprofits added. Often times, they value honesty, even with admissions of imperfection or a lack of immediate or direct impact. When a nonprofit is open with their donors, it fosters trust. Givers who feel they can count on the honesty of their charities are more likely to continue to donate. As in any other sector, once won over, donors are brand loyal.

Transparency and accountability can also benefit your nonprofit with respect to your relationship with governments. Offer easily accessible or shareable policies regarding conflict of interest, executive compensation and expense reimbursement. Regularly review the appropriate statements and forms before submitting them and structure a clear line of accountability in your management.

Online donation forms offer a potentially lucrative way to increase your gifts and recruit new donors. Take advantage of your Web platform to provide increased transparency on where your money and resources go and make sure that it all stays in order internally.

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