A guide to optimizing live fundraising events

Covering all of the groundwork when promoting a fundraising events is tricky business, but better executed if a plan is in place. Optimizing a fundraiser online and offline takes dedication because the most important thing to do is to keep up with all the activity required. For instance, daily or weekly social media posts, continuously printing flyers or reminder mailers may seem like overkill, but they are in fact essential to the success of the event. Learning more about what is expected of proper promotional efforts will allow nonprofits to become experts and raise money for a worthy cause.

Cover all social media channels
Social media is expansive and oftentimes confusing, but because it is such an integral part of the online world, it offers countless ways for new and current donors to engage with the nonprofit and learn about new and exciting events to raise money. Start with Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and other basic media platforms, and then begin experimenting with other sites that may be beneficial to the donor audience.

Engage in email campaigns
Whether on a mobile device or a computer, checking email is an important part of many people's days. An email communication can help build as well as maintain a strong relationship with donors and potential givers.

Create appealing and strong website content
The website has to be a go-to resource for donors and event guests to learn more about the organization and cause, as well as a place for them to gather information on the gala or event they are planning to attend. If there isn't adequate information or engaging graphics that will excite readers, there will be little hype. While hiring a website or graphic designer may be a luxury for some organizations, it may be worth the money, according to Nonprofit Tech For Good.

Think about other technology
Mobile optimization is a large part of how marketers spread the word about a product or service, and nonprofits can use this strategy to promote their events. Having a mobile-friendly website is a smart idea in this day and age, as many people surf the Web on their cellphones or tablets, but they also check their emails and click through to Web pages on their phones. Introducing mobile to the picture could do wonders for the organization's image.

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