A guide for a quality online donation form

Your nonprofit's online donation form plays a substantial role in getting you the highest number of gifts. With the increase in mobile Internet browsers and importance of online giving, it may be time to have another look at your current form. Follow these tips to make your online donation form more effective and increase gifts to your charity:

Adjust your layout
Pictures can leave a significant impression on a viewer. The Nonprofit Times noted that including a visual on your donation form can increase the total amount of donations received. Consider selecting a picture that accurately represents why you feel that your organization's efforts are so important.

Shorter forms are more appealing to potential donors. Do not require individuals to supply unnecessary information when giving a donation. You don't want someone visiting your website to feel overwhelmed by your donation form and decide not to give a gift if they are pressed for time.

Make it prominent and unique
Having a website that is simple and clear helps users navigate easily. According to npENGAGE, that it is crucial that your form for online donations is easy to find and fill out. Display it prominently on your landing page.

Consider making the text something other than "donate" or "make a donation." Relay more information and make it unique from other charities. For example, if your nonprofit helps bring food and resources to those in need, think about having your donation button read, "give a meal."

Allow visitors to contribute in different ways
Remember, not everyone is capable of making a monetary donation. Allow those who visit your site to raise money themselves by running a campaign. For example, a person might be planning on running a marathon. Let him or her set a fundraising goal individually and give the option to share the campaign on different social media platforms.

Allow individuals to donate through other channels. Charity Apps recommended providing a phone number and email for alternative giving options. Some potential donors may feel more comfortable giving a donation speaking to a person on the phone or connecting through email.

Mobile donation forms
In addition to having a quality donation form when someone visits your website, your nonprofit should ensure that it translates to a mobile device without any formatting issues. According to The Chronicle of Philanthropy, 85 percent of charities do not have a mobile-friendly donation site. A more simple layout will help make this easier. Keep the mobile aspect in mind when you are designing a new online donation form for your nonprofit.

Say no to pop-ups and other distractions
If a viewer is trying to give a gift, do not distract them with pop-ups asking them to sign up for your nonprofit's newsletter. Ensure that they can focus on filling out the donation form without interruption or distraction. You want to ensure they have a quick and quality experience with your organization's process to encourage them to become a repeat giver in the future.

A quality donation form is important when acquiring new donations. Know how to create an easy and convenient form for your donors. 

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