8 Steps to The Perfect Peer-to-peer Fundraising Campaign

Guest blog post by Jenna Quint, Community Manager, Causeview

Peer to peer fundraising is a great way for you to raise money, so you can meet your fundraising goals. But, like all fundraising, peer-to-peer campaigns need to be run smartly and strategically, if they are going to be successful. 

Before Starting the Campaign:

1.Be realistic
We’ve all heard the stories of campaigns like the Ice Bucket Challenge. These campaigns involve inventing the next viral sensation and then raising a ton of money. Very little financial investment is required. The “Viral Campaign” seems like the perfect idea for cash strapped organizations. Plus, it sounds pretty glamorous. Unfortunately, most viral campaigns aren’t successful. 

Realistically, you are better off focusing your effort on coming up with a smart, simple campaign that you can track. 

2. Set SMART Goals
One of the most important components of any fundraising campaign is setting SMART goals
SMART Goals are:

Want to learn more about SMART Goals? Download this SMART Goals one pager.

3. Find the right peer-to-peer fundraising platform
Make sure you find the right peer-to-peer fundraising platform. This article from Qgiv recommends you ask yourself these questions when picking the right platform: 

  • Do we have a great platform?
  • Can our team pull off a successful campaign?
  • Who will be in charge?
  • Do we have merchandise?
  • Do we have supporters we can count on?
  • Is the rest of the organization on board?

Basically, find a platform that is easy to use for fundraising and reporting. 

Want to learn more about SMART goal setting? Check out our template here.

4. Make It Fun
Make it something that people want to participate in. Tie it to something humorous, or something that requires donor participation (like a race).

For many people, it may be their first time participating in a fundraising campaign. If you don't make it fun and exciting for them, they might not want to participate in next year's campaign!

5. Keep The Pitch Short and Make it Attention Grabbing
People don’t like to read. I’m not sure if you’ve heard of the blink test? It’s actually a way to access your website’s effectiveness. The idea behind the blink test is that you have “one blink” to capture the user’s attention. The principle applies to content shared on social media. Make sure your messaging is short and attention grabbing, in order to capture user attention. 

When Executing:

6. Recruit Friends and Family
When getting the campaign started, make sure to leverage your network. Get everyone you know donating to the campaign, and sharing it with their network. That’s how you build momentum.

Once You Reach Your Goal:
7. Say Thanks
Always thank your donors in a timely manner. No matter the campaign. This is a must-do for any fundraiser. 

8. Report and Learn 
Report on your campaign, analyze what worked and what didn’t work. Then when you create your next campaign, you can use more components that work, and fewer components that don’t work. 

Follow these 8 easy steps, and raise more when peer-to-peer fundraising!

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