5 tips for strong nonprofit direct mail campaigns

Nonprofits can utilize direct mail to connect with donors on a more personal level. There are a lot of advantages to mailing campaigns, but building strong relationships is the most important factor. The online world is busy and chaotic, and while this makes it fun and exciting, it is also good to follow up with tangible fundraising efforts. Promoting a cause offline and online will make for a cohesive donor experience and encourage them to support the cause for years to come. A simple letter can make a difference and allow the nonprofit to gain a lifelong supporter.

Putting together the perfect piece of mail can be easy if nonprofits know what they are doing. Leaders will need to do their research and figure out how to plan, create and send direct mail. Engaging in a wide variety of fundraising trends will help when raising money for charity and create a better experience for donors. Here are five important tips to remember when planning an effective direct mail campaign:

1. Prepare the mailing list
The donor mailing list needs to be cleansed and organized appropriately. The San Luis Obispo Tribune says to eliminate duplicate contacts and addresses, make sure all information is up to date and the correct segments are set depending on the different donor demographics.

2. Discuss options with printers
Work with printers to find the best deal and easiest way to create the piece of mail. Often, printing professionals have experience and are able to offer their expertise on the matter.

3. Think of timing
If the nonprofit has a charity auction coming up, another type of fundraising event or an end-of-the-year push, make sure to plan the direct mail campaign accordingly. Include a URL for the event page on the website as well as the donation form page so people can learn more and sign up.

4. Have a great design
Get creative and play around with different graphics and copy styles. The structure and visuals of the piece of mail will make a difference when people read it. Make sure it is simple yet powerful.

5. Tell a story
Last, but certainly not least, have a moving story and call to action for the piece of mail. Persuasive-Copywriting pointed out that a great story will reach people on a deeper level and show them why the cause is worth their investment. 

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