5 ideas to thank nonprofits donors

As organizations develop new charity fundraising ideas, they should take the time to plan a campaign that expresses gratitude for donors' support over the years. While nonprofits should always plan the next fundraising campaign, they also need to think about how to build a closer connection with those who help the cause. Putting financial outreach aside for a second, charities can make room for a letter of appreciation or other idea along those lines. Here are a few methods to use when thanking donors for their support:

1. Make it personal and direct
Fundraising 123 stated that whatever method organizations use to thank donors - whether they call them, email or send a handwritten note - they should address the individual person and express gratitude for them from the heart.

2. Show donors where their money is going
Instead of saying thank you and asking for more money, map out how the finances are being used and why they are making such a difference. Allowing people to see where their support is directed will tell them how much they are valued and how they can continue to help.

3. Tell a story
if the nonprofit is in a storytelling mood, they should send donors a blurb about a person or community that was benefited by the cause. Tell the story and thank the donor for his or her support.

4. Share photographs
GuideStar mentioned that photos can reach donors on a deeper level and give them a visual of how their support is being used to follow through on cause initiatives. Photographs are worth a thousand words and a short, simple letter can express gratitude that will personally affect givers.

5. Send a postcard
As the nonprofit plans its next event and starts creating new cause initiatives, send a postcard to donors telling them how the organization is progressing. Explain that without their support, goals would never be met and growth would not happen.

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