4 ways your nonprofit can benefit from Snapchat

Social media is an ever-evolving marketplace, with the "next big thing" seemingly right around the corner.

Some platforms - like popular video capturing app Vine - have taken off, while others, like Google Plus, have remained somewhat stagnant in their advancement. It's difficult to ignore the emergence of Snapchat, though. An active 30 million monthly users send more than 400 million messages on a daily basis, according to Business Insider. 

With that type of market vertical, it's time for nonprofit organizations to embrace the new platform and leverage its services into a successful branding campaign. Listed below are four reasons why the use of Snapchat can benefit your charitable organization:

1. Individual communication: Snapchat works in a highly personable way in that it's user-generated, so any content the individual sees is at their own discretion. One must physically open the app and select your photo to view it. Once that is done, your message is the only thing viewers see for one to 10 seconds. Since this type of communication is individualized, it yields a higher engagement, entrepreneur and author Gary Vaynerchuk said at LeWeb in December. A smaller, engaged audience is much more valuable than a large one that's disengaged.

2. Engagement with donors/volunteers: User engagement is arguably at the crux of the marketing world, so what better way to interact with donors and volunteers than by sending them Snapchat messages of your organizational events. Conversely, try and get them to send return messages, Social Media Today recommends. Suggest that participants send back pictures of them working for your charity, and your group can reply with a "thank you" snap with a coupon code for money off of your organization's merchandise, for example. 

3. Exclusive mobile offers: Snapchat can be used as an extension to promote your donation software, if used properly. With mobile-only content, you can drive donors to your mobile website just seconds after you send them a snap. As an organization, you should already have a large database with benefactor information, so invite these individuals to Snapchat and create a mini mobile marketing campaign. This could largely benefit any merchandise sales or get you a quick-response for an upcoming event your charity has, Social Media Today says.

4. Keep your organization top-of-mind: Constant communication with volunteers and donors is important. Don't let your brand slip their memories by not continually reminding them of what you do. Overly salesy content can come off as pushy, so don't send pictures of your online donation form on a weekly basis. Good practice in this situation would be short pictures or videos of behind-the-scenes footage leading up to a new event or merchandise, according to Social Media Today. That way you'll give donors the feeling they're a VIP in your mind.

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