4 ways to live report from a nonprofit convention

By now, most nonprofits should know the benefits of leveraging social media into their everyday operations. Besides providing the ability to reach a vast audience, online networks feature instant communication capabilities that give valuable insight in real-time. Savvy organizations are now understanding how to drive social users into traffic to their online donation form - a key component for any modern day charity.

Friends and followers on social media are engaging with nonprofits through these channels for the reason that they like to be informed; a charity isn't forcing its users to interact with its brand. That said, donors and fans voluntarily chose to stay in the loop with a nonprofit's status updates, so organizations should do just that. A great way to engage benefactors online is by reporting from a conference or industry event - it demonstrates the initiative to stay on top of market trends.

Listed below are three ways an organization can effectively live report from a nonprofit convention:

  1. Include captivating images: Social media made its name because it is a platform that can share information on a wide-scale basis. However, the content presented is what ultimately determines if the subject matter will go viral or not. Images provide users a visually stimulating experience, and Internet users prefer those the most. A recent Simply Measured study found that respondents who included primarily visual content in their social strategies saw a 65 percent increase in online interactions. Powerful quotes from speakers aren't a bad option either.
  2. Use a hashtag for the event: This almost goes without saying, but nonprofits should recognize that a hashtag is one of the most effective online fundraising tools in the market today. Charities at a conference have the ability not only to aggregate data about the event, but also to differentiate themselves from any other group in attendance. Now that the hashtag is accepted across nearly every social platform, nonprofits can cross-pollinate for an optimized marketing and interaction effort. 
  3. Create a recap at the conclusion: The ability to reach the masses via social media is a wonderful tool to have for any organization. It needs to be leveraged carefully, though, seeing as social platforms are already over-saturated with content. In her book "Mobile for Good," Heather Mansfield suggests writing a synopsis of each day in the form of a blog post that can live on a nonprofit's website. That way users aren't bombarded with continual posts on a daily basis, and they can read how the event went at their own leisure. 
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