4 ways to improve your website visitors' experience

Because people are constantly connected to the Internet on a mobile device or desktop, your nonprofit needs to successfully keep your visitors engaged and convey your charity's personality. By maintaining a quality website, you can accept donations online at a higher rate. Follow these tips to enhance your website visitors' experience:

  1. Keep it clean and concise
    Having a simple landing page has a number of benefits. According to Rural Tourism Marketing, keeping your website neatly packaged and succinct costs less and keeps the browsing experience of potential donors easy. Individuals can find what they are looking for and access an online donation form without having to sift through loads of information, images and online features. When a user visits your nonprofit's website on a smartphone or tablet, they view all the content when it is simple and clean.

    Avoid incorporating pop-ups into your website. According to The Nonprofit Times, you want to make the donation process convenient. Pop-ups can be distracting and repel potential donors. Allow visitors to give donations quickly and efficiently. Having a simple site that isn't cluttered or diverts attention away from your Web page is crucial.
  2. Decrease donation time
    Remember that everyone is likely in a rush, and efficiency can help your charity gain more donations. When visitors begin filling out donation forms, allow for autofills to help quicken the process. Do not ask donors to sign up for a newsletter or additional information before they make a gift. You can ask at the end and encourage signing up after thanking them for their donations.

    Accept multiple forms of payment to increase convenience and allow individuals to give a gift in a way that is most appropriate for them.
  3. Incorporate your personality
    Your website should reflect the character, charisma and charm of your nonprofit. This can help engage interested donors and new visitors who are learning about your organization. NOLO noted that showing your organization's personality can help you build a relationship with your benefactors and volunteers.

    Ensure that you accurately portray your nonprofit. How does your organization advertise itself through other marketing materials and social networking platforms? Mimic these characteristics on your website.
  4. Connect with visitors
    Ensure that you provide any person browsing your website contact information and that you are able to connect and cater his or her experience to his or her preferences. Clearly display an email and phone number that donors can use to contact your nonprofit if they have any questions.

    Note questions that are asked frequently and develop a page that lists answers to these common queries. This demonstrates that your nonprofit is accustomed to anticipating the needs of its donors and continues to encourage a more substantial relationship.

    Give individuals who visit your site the option to sign up for your newsletter or information about fundraising events your nonprofit hosts. Prominently display it on your website without cluttering the page. 

Your website can help your organization increase its total number of donations. Know how you can enhance a potential donor's user experience with your nonprofit's site to improve your fundraising efforts. 

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