4 ways to improve your nonprofit's online visibility

With the advent of search engines in the last decade, online visibility has become one of the most important factors in promoting your brand or services. A quick Google search can determine how  your website appears to potential donors.

If you're running a nonprofit, it's equally important to distinguish your brand as the solution to a particular problem. Listed below are four ways to increase your nonprofit's Web presence:

1. Don't bombard your followers with information: It's no secret that social media has changed the landscape of online marketing. It gives a way for organizations to reply to its followers and directly address any comments or concerns. That said, make sure to not update your news feed every hour. Clogging someone else's social media page will likely lead to a loss of followers. While it's important to keep your clients and followers in the loop, don't overwhelm them, says Social Media Today. By pushing content that's overly self-promotional, you're just driving contributors away.

2. What's in it for me?: In promoting your nonprofit, it's important to explain the features and benefits of your product to the customer. In doing so, that often requires a two-way dialog between the salesman and the consumer. A great way to effectively engage with clientele is by asking them for their opinions or encourage feedback and sharing, according to MarketingProfs. If your nonprofit is known as donor-oriented and friendly, there's a greater chance you'll attract more followers.

3. Follow your users back: In the same vein as online interaction, take it a step further and follow your users back. Internet visitors like putting face to a brand or an organization, so by following someone back and saying, "Thanks for the follow!", you've taken a painless extra step in building your donor relations. They will definitely appreciate you reaching out, MarketingProfs says.

4. Develop a marketing strategy: Now that you have engaged your users, follow through on the objectives you've set. Whether it's increasing your followers, trying to rank higher on search engines or increase traffic to your online donation Web page , make sure your nonprofit sets specific goals and has a plan in place to attain them. Also, when you develop your social media strategy, experiment with a few platforms, MarketingProfs says. Figure out which ones work the best, and then maintain only the ones you can handle.

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