4 unique ideas to raise money for charity

Fundraising is an important part of any charitable foundation, so it's no surprise nonprofits are constantly looking for new ways to bring in donations.

When structuring a campaign, one of the your biggest allies will be creativity. Going outside the box isn't a surefire way to bring in new contributors or secure donations from old ones, but testing out different methods to find one that works can be exceedingly lucrative for your organization.

Direct action
Many of the fundraising campaigns nonprofits will launch this year are likely to champion an ambiguous message, asking donors to simply give to the organization. Instead, you should formulate a message specifically referencing a direct action your charity will take with the money donated, and be careful to be as precise as possible.

A night of food and charity
Publicly supporting a charity can be a boon to business. It's quite common for chain restaurants and family establishments to offer a partner in charity night where a portion of that day's profits go to the represented nonprofit. But although restaurants are partners in the event, the marketing aspect is usually the sole responsibility of the charity.

Reverse raffle
Raffles are a popular way to make money, but a more creative spin on the traditional technique is a reverse raffle. With this event, people will still be using tickets, but instead of buying them they'll be simply receiving them upon their arrival. The tickets will hold the ultimate prize of some lightly embarrassing act, like having to do a public dance. But contributors will have the option of selling the tickets back to your organization in the form of a donation. It's fun for everybody and raises money all the while. 

Wrap up donations
As we get closer to Christmas, some larger retail stores will begin offering partnerships with charities to help them raise money by wrapping gifts for customers. For example, in 2012, Girl Scouts of America teamed-up with a Sport Chalet to offer more than a week's worth of gift wrapping services. Customers wanting their gifts wrapped only had to make a donation.

The campaign can help boost donations, but maybe more importantly, it will introduce your organization to an immediate area. Interacting with contributors face-to-face can build relationships and establish long-term donors.

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