4 tips to initiate monthly giving on nonprofit websites

Consistent, repeated donations are what many nonprofits rely upon each year to cover expenses and build a solid foundation for the organization to grow. It is essential for donors to understand why filling out donation forms on a monthly basis or signing up for an automated donation system ensures a future for the causes they support.

The following tips are great ways for nonprofits to start encouraging monthly giving with their websites:

1. Add a monthly or recurring giving option to the website
The first step in encouraging monthly gifts is offering it on the website and featuring it on the homepage. If people do not know about the option, it is never going to be utilized. Take the time to demonstrate how important monthly giving is and why building a dedicated community around the cause is so influential.

Adding a monthly or recurring giving option is extremely simple, and it can bring in regular donations and boost your donor retention rate at the same time!

2. Feature monthly donors
Have supporters tell their own story and why they give. Showcase this story and a photo of the person or group of people on the website so others can read the story. This will help potential donors relate to the cause and see the value in continuous giving.

You can even feature a "Donor of the Month" in either your email newsletters or on social media. Donors who get these communications will see that others have become monthly donors and will be inspired to do so themselves.

3. Offer the right visuals
Use creative visuals that break down where the donations go each month and how each contribution makes a difference. These types of visuals show exactly how much money can do what, but they also explain why it's essential to receive money each month from supporters.

Get as specific as you can! Donors like to know that they're giving to a cause, not to line the pockets of your board members and staff.

4. Make it special
Whether communicating the monthly giving option as an upgrade or allowing donors to share their donation activities with friends, make the act of donating a special and unique experience for people. They will appreciate the effort and get excited about the next opportunity they have to share their wealth with those who need it.

You can do this by offering special perks to your monthly donors. They might receive a personalized letter from someone that your organization has helped. Or perhaps they'll get priority registration before an event.

Monthly giving is one of the most important components of nonprofit fundraising. Use these four tips to stay on top of your monthly giving program!

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