4 tips to improve your nonprofit e-newsletter

In a world where the rate that information is updated quickly and in larger volumes, it can be difficult to implement a strong digital marketing campaign. Internet users have become adept in tuning out what they don't want to see while browsing the Web, so it's grown increasingly important to provide useful content to donors.

It's equally crucial to not pressure potential contributors too much, otherwise you'll lose their attention. A good way to both provide your own message and give the donor the option to view it on his or her time is connecting via email. A recent study conducted by ExactTarget showed that 77 percent of consumers preferred to receive permission-based marketing messages through their email. With an extensive database already in place, sending out newsletters on a monthly basis - or more - shouldn't bombard your benefactors. 

Here are four ways to improve your nonprofit e-newsletters:

1. Get their attention immediately: In the same vein as a news story or a magazine article, it's vital to attract the reader's from the get-go. Oftentimes, users only see the subject of the email, so a succinct synopsis of what the newsletter is about will do the trick. More specifically, a Chadwick Martin Bailey case study found that 64 percent of users open up an email based on the subject line. 

2. Write with mobile in mind: According to a Litmus study, 51 percent of email opens are from a mobile device. With over half the market viewing messages from the palm of their hands, it's more important than ever to optimize your e-newsletter and make it mobile friendly. By breaking up the content with bolded sub-headings and smaller paragraphs, you're already making it easier for the mobile viewer, Business 2 Community says.

3. Entertain the reader: Not to say that your charity's monthly updates aren't enough to satisfy the reader, but visual stimulation in this instance won't hurt. One in 2 marketers are now using animated GIFs in their emails, Experian found. For those less tech-savvy, an image of a recent organizational outing, or something that applies to your message would suffice. 

4. Give them the option to share: After producing a compelling and entertaining letter, it should almost go without saying that the reader will want to share your message on social media. In combining the power of email marketing with the reach of social media, you can guarantee your message will be seen by a lot of individuals. A recent study conducted by GetResponse found that emails with a social sharing option had a 158 percent higher click-through rate than those that did not. 

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