4 tips to a successful raffle

One of the many event options for fundraisers is a raffle, and it has quite a few advantages. Raffles are a great way to raise money and engage a large group of people for a worthy cause. Because these types of events can accompany galas, auctions, or other gatherings, there are many ways to raise money and get more people engaged in the community of the organization.

While easy and effective, raffles do require organization and preparation. The more a nonprofit is willing to put into the event, the more they will get out of it.

Here are four tips to hosting a successful raffle:

1. Define the budget
Raffles have quite a few details that go into them. Sit down with other event organizers, name all of the necessary details and start building a budget based on those details. If planners are prepared for the small expenses here and there, they are most likely not going to spend more money on last-minute items.

Keep in mind that the item or experience that you're raffling off might be able to be donated. You can ask local companies or individuals if they would be willing to contribute an in-kind donation that people will want to buy raffle tickets for a chance to get.

2. Pick a theme
The fun and exciting part of a raffle is there are so many different theme options.

Most nonprofits often try to have a balance of more formal, serious events and some that are aimed to entertain attendees and raise money in a less formal environment.

Raffles are good for both. Whether the organization wants to include a raffle option at a gala or make it part of a more festive and lively event, similar to a carnival, organizations will raise a significant amount of money either way. 

3. Plan to accept credit cards
One of the best ways to increase money raised at a raffle is to offer certified payment processing.

Accepting credit cards online or having other payment solutions at the event will allow everyone to give to the cause they support. Only offering cash or checks will limit the amount of money that could potentially be raised.

Most people carry at least one credit card, but few people consistently carry cash with them. Appeal to both crowds by being prepared to accept credit cards.

4. Put all the details together
Like every other fundraising event, preparation is key and making sure a raffle goes off without a hitch is especially important. While it may not be hard to organize, it is important to think about:

  • Promoting the event beforehand,
  • Renting the necessary equipment,
  • And putting the prize(s) together.

Planning ahead with plenty of time will allow for a smooth night and a happy crowd of people who support a worthy cause.

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