4 tips for nonprofit marketing via Instagram

With 200 million monthly active users, Instagram is becoming one of the most used mobile social networks. According to its website, the social platform generates 1.6 billion likes on a daily basis and averages 60 million photos in the same amount of time. More than half of its users are individuals outside the the U.S., so market potential is vast for any socially savvy organization looking to take advantage of Instagram's reach.

Listed below are 4 ways nonprofits can leverage Instagram as an online fundraising tool:

  1. Promote a text-to-give campaign: Half of the battle for marketing teams is getting a custom message in front of the right audience in the right channel. The beauty of Instagram is that the user is most likely already viewing your nonprofit's message on their phone, so promoting a text-to-give campaign seems like a no-brainer. Text donations are growing rapidly as mobile and smartphone usage increases. According to recent Pew statistics, 1 in 10 domestic adults have made a charitable contribution via text message in their lifetime. An overwhelming $43 million was raised through this channel shortly after the 2010 Haiti earthquakes, and half of donors immediately gave after hearing about the Red Cross's campaign. 
  2. Promote your nonprofit website: Most nonprofits now accept online donations due to the convenience and ease of giving on the Web. Instagram's ability to isolate viewers is powerful in this instance because nonprofits can completely customize their messages in an effort to drive traffic to their websites. Smartphones have online capabilities, so including a hyperlink in the caption is a smart move. A powerful image with donation details and a relevant statistic can ensure a nonprofit's message lands with the viewer.
  3. Remind users about fundraisers: Generally speaking, people are busy nearly all of the time. It has become increasingly difficult to get someone's full attention for an extended period of time, so it's more important than ever to continually remind benefactors about a fundraising event. Similar to any effective marketing, top-of-mind awareness with the audience is the ultimate goal, so nonprofits may want to take advantage of a daily post leading up to their fundraisers, Nonprofit Tech for Good suggests. 
  4. Give thanks to those who donate: An effective way to show appreciation for a group of benefactors is to demonstrate how their money affected a nonprofit's cause. A clean, simple image or infographic showing how much was raised or what the money did shows an organization truly values its donors.
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