4 tips for making online donations easy

Many nonprofits have started to accept donations online because it's easier and more convenient for busy donors. However, the online donation form is critical to capturing maximum Internet revenue. Entrepreneur offered these tips from improving the payment page on a website:

1. Offer multiple payment options
While it may not be practical for nonprofits to give donors the option of every payment method, people expect to be able to pay in more than one way. For example, depending on the type of donations the nonprofit receives online, it may make sense to accept bank transfers and credit card payments.

2. Create a seamless experience
Branding is becoming more important for charitable foundations, and the donation form needs to reflect the rest of the website. A donation page that matches the rest of the website can work to build confidence. Some users may be skeptical of the security of their credit card information if the donation form looks different from the home page. 

3. Only require necessary information
If nonprofits ask for too much data that isn't necessary to complete the transaction, it can impact conversion. Donors want the transaction to be as quick as possible. Organizations can also improve their chances of conversions by making errors easy to correct when contributors are entering their payment information. One of the primary reasons people will abandon a form is if they have to enter too much information, Entrepreneur said. 

4. Emphasize security and privacy
Donors want to feel like they are contributing to a good cause without worrying about their credit card information getting stolen, so it's important to instill a sense of security. Partnering with a reputable payment processing center can increase donors' trust. 

Online giving is growing, and impulse donors are more likely to make a contribution, Wired Impact said. Nonprofits can boost revenue with online donations, but they need to offer a seamless, secure experience. 

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