4 creative ways to attract new donors

As the nonprofit sector grows and donors are more selective about what they support, it is increasingly important for nonprofit organizations to communicate the significance of their cause. Online interaction and nonprofit payment are leading ways to engage donors and potential supporters of a cause, but it is only effective if the organization is able to stand out in a crowd of deserving charities. A lot goes into running a nonprofit or a foundation, but it is always necessary to be innovative and unique. This will come naturally if an organization is true to its cause, but here are four additional ways to enhance the individual importance of a nonprofit:

1. Collaborate with other professionals
Blogging is a great way for nonprofit leaders to get their voices out there and show potential donors what the deeper significance of their cause is. Organization employees and volunteers should not only express their opinions, but they should also ask others in the industry to share their wisdom. Try inviting board members, research experts or a well-known person to guest blog for the organization, suggests GuideStar.

2. Update the community
One of the main attractions to contribute to a nonprofit for young people is knowing exactly what that organization is using their money for. If possible, it is a good idea to update giving communities on social media, for instance, Twitter, to display progress and give tangible examples of where donations are going.

3. Ask around the holidays
Thanksgiving and Christmas encourage a giving mood, leaving many people open to the idea of donating their time and money to charities, says Orbit Media Studios. If nonprofits make it easy enough, people will be more apt to donate online if they feel moved to do so, in which case an online donation solution is necessary.

4. Try new things
Fans of a cause like to be engaged in new and exciting ways. This is where organizations can get creative and plan something no other nonprofit has. An online auction is one way that organizations can raise money in a personalized and innovative way. GuideStar says to promote the auction far and wide, and the event can increase donated funds, as well as boost awareness online for the cause. In terms of advancing the name of the cause and having a unique approach to fundraising, online auctions and other social media or blog activities can do the trick.

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