3 ways to optimize your nonprofit's Pinterest presence

If your nonprofit organization isn't already on Pinterest, it should be. According to eMarketer, the social network will reach 41.1 million users in 2015, an 11.4 percent increase year over year. While Pinterest's user base is certainly nowhere near Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, the social platform is unique in that users are more eager to share their affinity toward brands, as well as what they plan to do in real life.

Pinterest is also an excellent source of referral traffic, making the social network extremely valuable to nonprofits. According to the Shareaholic Social Media Traffic Report, Pinterest had the second-largest share of social referrals during the fourth quarter of 2014.

Pinterest is a valuable resource for nonprofit organizations. Ensure your organization is getting the most out of it by following these three tips:

1. Use high-quality images
Pinterest is an inherently visual site. That being said, it's important to use high-quality images on your Pinterest board, as well as your organization's website. Since users typically pin images from websites, you will want to include a variety of images on all pages of your site and include social sharing buttons to encourage pinning. You can determine if images from your website are being pinned by going to Pinterest and typing "http://pinterest.com/source/yourwebsitename.com" into the URL bar.

Beyond optimizing your website for sharing on Pinterest, it is important to choose the right types of images to share on your organization's Pinterest board. Pinterest images should be either informative or actionable. For example, you could provide an infographic about your organization's latest fundraising campaign or create a "how-to" image to help interested pinners start their own peer-to-peer fundraising event.

2. Provide calls-to-action
Online users go to Pinterest for actionable information that can translate into real-life experiences. Make sure every image you share on Pinterest includes a clear call-to-action, spanning from directing users to your nonprofit's online donation form to suggesting users spread the word about a new statistic relevant to your organization.

No Kid Hungry has a Pinterest board that promotes various aspects of the organization. For Giving Tuesday, No Kid Hungry shared a pin that prompted users to tweet about the organization, and provided a link for visitors to donate. In large bold letters, the pin displayed the words "Give" and "Share," making the call-to-action front and center of the content.

3. Make sure your site is mobile-optimized
Above all, if you want to be successful on Pinterest, you must make sure your nonprofit's site is optimized for mobile viewing. In 2014, Pinterest announced that 75 percent of Pinterest usage took place using native applications through smartphones and tablets.

If you are going to engage with your audience through Pinterest in order to drive traffic to your organization's site, you must make sure visitors have a good user experience. One way to optimize your site for mobile is to make sure the mobile landing page has a clear pathway to the most commonly sought features, as well as a clear call-to-action. Make sure your online donation form is easily accessible on your nonprofit's mobile landing page, as well.


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