3 ways to increase nonprofit fundraising

Fundraising for a nonprofit can be difficult. With an increasing number of organizations fighting for similar causes these days, trying to increase your financial firepower is a daunting task - especially when you're a smaller outfit.

Just because your nonprofit lacks the resources that a larger charity does doesn't mean you can't employ similar tactics. With the implementation of a certain strategy and hard work, your nonprofit can be cashing checks for your cause in no time. Listed below are three ways to increase your fundraising efforts:

1. Build a diverse network: While it's important that you find donors who share your passion for the cause, building a diverse committee to help spearhead your fundraising efforts is important. The more people you put on your board, the more chances you have to multiply your successes, according to industry website Fundraising Authority. Set a goal for each member and have them strive to achieve that minimum - but don't cap it there! Going above and beyond expectations is not a bad thing.

2. Engage potential donors online: There's no questioning that the Internet has changed the landscape of how people interact with each other. Social media websites allow information to be shared with the click of a button, so there's no reason your nonprofit shouldn't be exploiting this market potential. It's been said that young adults are hard to get in front of and flaky, but they are also the demographic most likely to share your content, according to npENGAGE. A quick status update or tweet linking to your online donation page is all it takes. If potential contributors don't know you accept online donations, tell them - they are just as capable of spreading the word.

3.Alternate your game plan: If your nonprofit has had a few successful donation campaigns under its belt, that's great news. But, that doesn't mean complacency should set it. In order to avoid that, change up your fundraising tactics, Fundraising Authority says. Smaller nonprofits often rely on their "one big event" per year, or keep their fingers crossed for a federal grant to come through. In order to create long-term stability, supplement your already successful fundraising strategy with different methods. Direct mail, an email newsletter through your website and social media are all ways to help promote your cause, the article adds.

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