3 ways to connect with millennial donors

The millennial generation, is the largest subset demographic in history with over 77 million young adults born between 1980 and the mid 1990s. The age group is larger than Generation X and the baby boomers, according to Forbes. With the giving potential so high, it's important for charities to know how to reach young adults.

Listed below are three ways for nonprofits to engage with millennials:

1. Go where they are: According to the Pew Research Center, 81 percent of millennials have Facebook profiles. Another three-quarters of this generation have created a social media profile of some kind, and they're all accessing these accounts on the go, typically via smartphone or tablet.

If your charity isn't taking advantage of social media's cost-effectiveness, it's time to embrace change.

Similarly, if your organization is on social media but not garnering the results it had hoped for, it's time to start interacting with online users. By asking for opinions on a certain issue or replying to comments, you give a face to the brand you're representing.

Social media is a powerful tool in driving potential donors to your website and online donation form - especially with the power of sharing!

2. The message is key: The content behind your connection is important in advertising to any demographic, not just millennials. 

Age appropriate messages are more likely to land donations than a generic blanket statement. With more nonprofits out there than ever before, authenticity - especially in online channels - is of the utmost importance.

It's hard enough to keep someone's attention for more than a minute, so don't over-complicate things. Providing a targeted, transparent message to millennials will garner much better results than a bland and uninteresting approach. 

3. Make it personal: All too often millennials have been stereotyped as the "ME generation." While that may be true for some of the population, it's crucial that however you're reaching them, the message is personal.

Over 70 percent of young adults are willing to raise money on behalf of an organization that matters to them according to the 2013 Millennial Impact survey. Additionally, 60% of millennials donate an average of $481 to nonprofits each year.

That's a huge demographic, and your nonprofit can't just make assumption about millennials as a collective before asking them for donations. Try to get your younger supporters more personally, and you'll see better results.


By touching someone in a personal way, it's easier to get him or her involved in your cause. Once new donors are behind your cause, they're likely to share it online with a multitude of friends and followers. 

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