3 trends going into the new year

The first day of January is not only the mark of a new year, but it also stands as the beginning of twelve months of fresh opportunities.

2013 held great things for nonprofits, including increased social media exposure and content marketing, but those trends are still developing. As we continue on into 2014, charities can expect:

Nonprofit inclusion
For a very long time, charities were thought of as organizations that were a nice addition to a society. They would help feed the hungry or champion environmental sustainability, but it was an industry that has never been fully integrated into the ever-evolving economy. In 2014, Social Velocity, a nonprofit resource, expects charities, as an industry, to become more essential. The demands on nonprofits are considerable and they're only growing.

Over the next year, Social Velocity speculates, charitable foundations will cement their significant position among the world's most pivotal financial systems.

Seeing the value in social media and content marketing
The last 12 months have been astoundingly good for both social media and content marketing, which have become two of the most popular marketing techniques out there. To justify the significant resources being dedicated to these mediums, nonprofits are expected to begin focusing on accurately calculating their return on investment. Because the process can often be time consuming, it's likely that these organizations will enlist the services of third parties to assist.

If you're going to measure your own ROI, remember to collect data over an extended period of time. Short-term studies are inaccurate and can be more misleading than they can be helpful.

Don't depend on government grants
There are a number of federal programs that allocate funding dedicated to furthering specific causes, but recent blows to U.S. and international financial systems question the sustainability of all these programs. It's an unfortunate truth, but many grants are not identified as essential programs. As such, they are regularly cut and altered in reaction to financial developments. Nonprofits should use 2014 to build their charity fundraising programs. By strengthening fundraising strategies that target private citizens and industries, charities can shed the yoke of government dependence and cultivate a more sustainable organization.

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