3 tips to build the best volunteer team

Good volunteers can be hard to find, but often times they're looking for you too - and can be incredibly useful in donation form referrals. Fundraising is a primary tactic for increasing awareness that your nonprofit accepts donations online, but too many volunteers in too much disorder - looking bored, or not helping out - can be dangerous. Consider these three tips to snag the best volunteers, and say no to the rest:

Tell 'em how it is
Volunteers often have trouble finding the appropriate information on getting involved, often narrowing down their options based on details, according to Nonprofit Hub. Tell your potential volunteers all that they need to know - shift times and length, the kinds of work available and the training or experience you might prefer. Additionally, offer them variety. Increasingly, volunteers are looking to help out on a month-to-month basis and flexibility often leads to retention. For the less intensive positions, accessible options can help bulk up your staff when you need the manpower.

Finesse the situation
When you've assembled your all-star team of volunteers, you will likely have to tell a few more that you won't be needing their assistance.  You may not need that many for a particular event or you may be hoping to develop a few highly trained representatives. Yet, you don't want to turn them away from any involvement with - or donations to - your charity. Walk them through why they weren't selected, being as objective as possible, and suggest an upcoming event they might fit for or a skill they could develop, Nonprofit Hub advised again.

Stay in touch with everyone
In both cases, you should remain in contact with your current and potential volunteers. Offer thank-you notes to the ones you work with and remind them what a difference they made. Contributions and future opportunities for either of you can benefit from close communication and appreciation.

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