3 tips for building a nonprofit blog

Starting a blog is a great way to get the word out. For businesses, that might mean a new new promotion on pants or used cars. But for charitable foundations, a blog represents a platform to spread their message and chronicle the championing of their missions. Blogs can attract donors and inspire volunteers. They can help charity fundraising by connecting a nonprofit with its supporters. A blog is a valuable tool and resource nonprofits can use to gain myriad advantages, but its effectiveness is not a guarantee.

Without proper management, a blog's usefulness can plummet. Here a few tips you can use to tailor a blog to find your donors' needs:

Maintain a focus
Whatever the reason your organization is adopting the blog, whether it's to generate additional donations or have more intimate interactions with customers, the root theme should always be to promote your nonprofit's mission. Consistently keeping the blog's focus tilted towards your particular cause will ensure your content is attracting the readers you want. Delivering quality posts relevant to your charitable efforts will work toward establishing your organization as an authority in the field, lending even more legitimacy to your cause.

The prospect of starting a blog can be exciting, but before you put your fingers to the keyboard and start churning out post and after post, it's important to first understand what's already out there. Set up a Google alert or just go explore online for a bit to see what other charitable blogs in your field are currently being written. The information will give you the tools necessary to help you craft content that adequately represents your organization and its mission.

Keep it going
People often confuse the word consistent with "every day" in the blogging world. It's important to produce content on a regular basis, but that doesn't mean your organization's website needs to feature new blogs daily. Instead of working toward generating a certain quantity, instead focus on publishing quality content on a predetermined schedule. Let your readers know when to expect a new post and then deliver. Interested readers are not only more likely to donate and even volunteer, but they're also more likely to promote your mission the way you'd like it to be.

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