3 things to consider about new nonprofit technology [VIDEO]

The growth in technology is drastically impacting the nonprofit sector. Customer relationship management software has become a staple in nonprofit operations, while other cloud-based applications and cutting-edge mobile technology have also grown in importance. 

What are some key questions nonprofits need to ask before they adopt a new technology?

Watch our video below to learn more!



Technology is growing at a rapid pace. New developments in mobile and Web-based devices are drastically impacting the nonprofit sector. As charities evaluate new and future means of production, they must consider three things. First, nonprofits must realize that while new technology may have its advantages, it isn't always better. Things like cost, integration and added value all must be considered before making a technology change. Second, if nonprofits decide to upgrade their tech infrastructure, they must establish a bring-your-own-device policy. Consumers want to use personal smartphones and tablets at work now. Charities can meet these demands by creating BYOD guidelines for security purposes. Third, new technology can save time and improve productivity, but the organization must first establish internal guidelines before making the switch. Be sure to tune in next time for more nonprofit technology advice!

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