3 simple tips for better nonprofit website navigation

Website navigation is one of the most important things designers have to deal with when building a site. But nonprofit pages are special in that they need to direct all interested and potential givers to the right information and quickly to the donation forms. The following are a few easy tips for the right nonprofit website:

Don't over do it
Less is always more with nonprofit websites because it's not all about overwhelming readers so much as directing them to the call to action. The nonprofit resource npENGAGE says color can have quite an effect on website visitors, especially when it comes to hyperlinks, and using high contrast colors for links and important information increases the readability of the text. In addition, too many visuals or copy can overwhelm people, making it necessary for sites to have the necessary details but not go into too much depth.

Create the perfect layout
Understanding how to build a great layout comes from knowing how people read and process information. Wired Impact stated that there are two types of information and navigation practices that go along with them: primary and secondary. Primary information would be the "About Us" section and secondary might be "Volunteer" information. In addition, it's significantly beneficial to think about horizontal versus vertical navigation. An example would be using vertical navigation the left side of the Web page by incorporating links or a drop down menu. Horizontal navigation primarily takes place on top of the Web page as this is usually the first place a person looks when he or she clicks on a page.

Simplify online donation forms
Donation pages have to have the right payment processing solutions to begin with, but building a site around the donation page is best accomplished with simplicity and taking out any unnecessary steps for the giver. Online donation forms should be quick, easy and not give people too much time to think about the process. The important part is that they are happy and proud of themselves for supporting a worthy cause.

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