3 reminders when hiring a new media manager

We've emphasized the importance of social media for increasing traffic to your online donation forms and website, but as you look to hire - or develop - new media managers, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Value creativity
A highly effective media manager will not only be well-versed in new trends and extensively knowledgeable about nonprofits, they will also need to be innovative and skilled. Creativity will yield unique ideas and approaches to make the most of the new media available to your charity, according to Nonprofit Tech for Good. But beyond an instinctual vision, new media managers should have the writing skills and photo- and video-editing ability to ensure that they excel at executing their ideas.

Remember the "management" aspect
Much of a social media manager's job emphasizes the creativity, but time management and leadership skills are similarly important for an effective campaign. Whether as an individual or department, your media efforts should have a specific, donor-oriented campaign, schedule in advance and review analytics, Forbes advised. Multitasking or focusing on one form of media at a time is a personal choice, but establish early which style is most effective for your nonprofit. Your new media manager should also well-suited to lead a team, spearhead marketing and exude a similar and necessary passion for the cause.

Hire experienced and full-time
Your social media should be more than a task for volunteers and interns and nonprofits are increasingly hiring new media managers into part- and full-time positions. Ideally, they will be experienced with a comprehensive knowledge of effective marketing and many of the aforementioned skills. However, you should consider what your nonprofit is most in need of and encourage new hires to grow their strengths in the other areas.

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