3 reasons Instagram can benefit your charity

Social Media has taken the world by storm and changed how much of it functions. From businesses joining Facebook and news outlets tweeting in real time, we are still learning the many advantageous uses for social media platforms. One of the simplest and most prominent is Instagram, which is for posting photos. It's as simple as that. With a range of options for filters and effects that the user can apply to modify or enhance photos, the app is turning everyone into a professional photographer. So why would charities not take to this trend like everyone else? Well, as it turns out, they are. But doing it correctly is the key.

Below are three reasons that Instagram can benefit your charity:

  1. While there isn't an active donation form through the application (at least not yet, but with the way things are going at Twitter one should assume it's only a matter of time), it is certainly a way to capture the attention and interest of potential donators. Most of all, the emotional appeal of photos can certainly pull a tear from viewers' eyes. This article from npENGAGE refers to the SPCA ad with Sarah McLachlan. As she is speaking, those watching aren't really listening, instead they are looking with sadness at the weak, wounded animals. This is the power images hold, as they have the ability to pack in emotion. With Instagram, using specific images can pull on that emotional chord of those viewing. 
  2. npENGAGE also hugely recommends posting often. Frequent activity will keep the appearance of your charity new and fresh, which is why people turn to Instagram in the first place. New images demonstrate to the world that you are modern and involved. Your nonprofit really does want to make a difference, so push your cause through a platform with a limitless reach.
  3. Hashtag campaigns are a hit. Have you heard of the Ice Bucket Challenge (#icebucketchallenge)? Of course you have. It was social media phenomenon that allowed the ALS Association to raise over $100 million! This feat could not have been possible if not for their intelligent use of social media campaigning. It is proof that not only is there a place for charities in the realm of social media, but that followers are responding to them.

By arming your charity with an active Instagram account, you can reach the world in ways you didn't realize, and faster than ever before. 

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