3 main benefits of email marketing for fundraising

Nonprofits looking to increase engagement and communication with donors and potential givers need not look farther than email marketing. There are a handful of advantages to interacting with supporters via email. Delivering a personalized message right to people's Inboxes is a great way to show them that the nonprofit wants to keep them in the loop and welcome them into the community of supporters. The following three reasons are why email should still be a part of nonprofit promotional strategies:

Email storage points to the importance of the medium: Most people check their emails daily on their phones, computers and other personal computing devices showing the importance of connecting with them via their inboxes. Nonprofits can take advantage of the increasing storage space for email carriers, according to npENGAGE, and initiate interaction with potential givers.

Return on investment is often high: While it does take time to plan, perfect and execute, the medium is oftentimes low cost. This means the return on investment if even a small number of donors give is going to be relatively high. Among other promotional mediums, email has the highest ROI and can be a true asset to an organization looking to raise awareness and increase the number of donations.

It offers an immediacy to promotional activities: Emails can be sent and statistics pulled within hours or a day. This allows employees to see the results of campaigns quickly after sending the messages. Nonprofit Hub also pointed out that email is quick; if news needs to be communicated or an update should be sent immediately, email is one of the best ways to reach a large audience.

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