3 foundations for a popular nonprofit website

Your website is the cornerstone of your online fundraising efforts and an essential link to your donation forms. There are many approaches to optimizing your website and leveraging all the potential marketing from it and behind these tactics are a few fundamental mentalities. Below are three ideas:

Study and test
Marketing is ripe with research on what people are attracted to. Sometimes it's as simple as the first impression of your landing page. Other times, it means color psychology, according to Multichannel Merchant. Red, green and yellow elicit responses like those to a traffic light; men love black and women love purple. Both genders respond to blue and green, and bold tones are best used for a call to action. Beyond the books, you should try out what color schemes and layouts work best for you. A/B testing tools let you run two options side by side and compare traffic.

Be accommodating
Your website should certainly be attractive and alluring, but it should also be easy to use. Make it very clear how to donate or sign up for an email list and advertise any security validation logos you can. Your donation forms should accept a wide variety of payment methods to accommodate different visitors. For potential givers and interest lists, you may want to ask for information on how they prefer to be contacted, npENGAGE advised. Look into how visitors are engaging and which platforms they prefer and create strategies to respond to their preferences.

Treat it like home
Your website should not be a one-stop shop where you hope to glean some donations and accumulate email addresses. Donors increasingly live their lives online and your Web presence should reflect active engagement on the part of your nonprofit. Your website should offer content that connects your mission to your community, NTEN suggested. Publish stories that share your message and emphasize the values of your work. Most importantly, give your website the attention you would offer any form of community engagement or outreach.

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