2 types of modernization for your nonprofit

Digital fundraising is a fast-growing front for nonprofits, and an online donation form will be the cornerstone of your efforts. The importance of a user-friendly website and a social media presence is increasing, but charities can also use technology to develop internally and improve their own efficiency. As you develop your online presence and make the most of your new resources, here are two things to keep in mind:

The global mobile 
Nonprofits are open to all forms of giving but as you dabble in crowdfunding or appeal to giving circles - even referring them to your website to make the donation - your presence needs to be mobile-friendly. More than half of digital traffic comes from mobile devices, reported Small Business Trends. Smartphones and tablets account for 60 percent of online traffic marking a 10 percent increase from last year. However, this is not organic traffic, which means your nonprofit needs to maintain an active presence in addition to a spiffy mobile-friendly website. Keep your followers engaged and encourage them to share content and refer their extended social networks to your mission and donation page.

Consider the cloud
The cloud is a complex concept for many, to the point that what it actually is means has become something of a punch-line. But as you're modernizing your nonprofit's fundraising and payment processing systems and developing an IT strategy, the cloud could come in handy. Embracing the user-friendly technology of cloud applications, nonprofits can increase productivity, streamline workflow and improve support services, according to Karen Appleton. Cloud collaboration technology allows nonprofits to securely share files and folders in a variety of locations on a variety of devices, but it can also be customized to fit the specific needs of your nonprofit.

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