2 essential parts of hosting a charity event

Planning a fundraising event, such as an online charity auction, to increase awareness and encourage people to donate to the cause is a smart idea. But the success of the event lies in how well it is planned and what organizers do to get people excited about and invested in the project. There are multiple ways to make the most of the fundraiser, but a great place to start is by connecting with donors and potential attendees on a personal level and helping them see the true benefit of the organization.

Setting attainable goals
Network For Good suggests understanding the scope of supporters and donors out there who would be interested and willing to attend as well as setting goals to reach throughout the process. Get as far into specifics as possible, such as the ideal amount of money to raise, how many people are going to attend and the number of new donors to meet at the event. Defining ideal goals will allow other plans fall into place. For example, knowing how many people are going to hopefully attend will help set a budget and figure out how much money should ideally be raised.

The right leaders accomplish goals
It's also important to have a good group of leaders in charge of planning the event and helping execute the day of. The right leadership will help with set-up and be able to spread word about the event. For instance, community or local leaders could not only help out financially but also attract other attendees and help the organization meet the aforementioned goals.

Additionally, you'll need to form two different committees to help plan your charity event:

  1. Planning Committee: The planning committee handles all of the behind-the-scenes processes that happen before a fundraising event ever kicks off. It usually consists of board members, staff, and a few volunteers. An example of a planning committee task would be to book the fundraising event venue.
  2. Event/Host Committee: The event or host committee is in charge of raising money for the event and does much of the legwork that brings in the revenue. An example of an event or host committee task would be to sell charity auction tickets.

Having the right vision and group is an essential part of planning a charity event and increasing cause awareness. A combination of strategy and passion will lead nonprofits to successful fundraising efforts.

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