Underlying SOAP API

Here's a brief introduction to the iATS Web Services Version 2 that are available.

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CustomerLink allows you to create, update and delete tokens. These tokens can be stored on your database without the risk of storing clear text credit card or banking details. You can then use these tokens to either do one-time transactions, or recurring transactions where you manage the recurring schedule.

CustomerLink also allows you to set up recurring schedules where iATS will manage the recurring schedule. The results of these recurring transactions can be pulled out of our server using our ReportLink services. Our webservices allow you to modify these schedules (card data, start and end dates, etc.) via the API.

Download the CustomerLink Version 2 documentation here.


ProcessLink are our services for processing either credit card or ACH/EFT (direct debit) transactions. You can either transact using clear text or using the token created using CustomerLink.

Refunds and large batch transactions can also be managed through the ProcessLink API.

Download the ProcessLink documentation here.


ReportLink allows you to extract all transactions from the iATS database and import into yours for reporting etc. Reports include Credit Card and ACH/EFT (direct debit) for approved, failed or refunded transactions.

Download the ReportLink Version 2 documentation here.


ManagementLink services are used to obtain merchant account status details on clients, as well as to create secure Process Key's on behalf of the client.

Download the ManagementLink Version 2 documentation here.

Overview of iATS Web Services

iATSLink Web services allow you to securely process payments (using either credit cards or ACH or Direct Debit, which is authorized bank account withdrawal – referred to as ACHEFT) via your site or software platform. Because our Web services are based on open standards, the cost to implement is low and the associated learning curve is smaller than using a proprietary solution.