MagTek iDynamo

The MagTek iDynamo is equipped with lighting ports to suit all Apple devices.

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Development Requirements

MagTek is specific in their SDK with regards to the data that they send.


The MagTek SDK can collect the following fields from each swipe:

[self.mtSCRALib getTrackDecodeStatus]
[self.mtSCRALib getMaskedTracks]
[self.mtSCRALib getTrack1Masked]
[self.mtSCRALib getTrack2Masked]
[self.mtSCRALib getTrack1]
[self.mtSCRALib getTrack2]
[self.mtSCRALib getTrack3]
[self.mtSCRALib getCardIIN]
[self.mtSCRALib getCardName]
[self.mtSCRALib getCardLast4]
[self.mtSCRALib getCardExpDate]
[self.mtSCRALib getCardServiceCode]
[self.mtSCRALib getCardPANLength]
[self.mtSCRALib getKSN]
[self.mtSCRALib getDeviceSerial]
[self.mtSCRALib getMagnePrint]
[self.mtSCRALib getMagnePrintStatus]
[self.mtSCRALib getSessionID]
[self.mtSCRALib getDeviceName]


However, iATS only needs the following fields to be send via the API:

[self.mtSCRALib getTrack1]
[self.mtSCRALib getTrack2]
[self.mtSCRALib getKSN]

iATS also requires some additional details including some parsing delimiters.


For MagTek iDynamos, please collate the data in the following order and delimitation:



Example of Data to be Sent to iATS: