Aura Template is a pre-configured online payment form that is ready to be embedded into your website. Choose from a variety of templates that already contain key fields, such as names, addresses, and payment information.

Aura Template is great for capturing sensitive data while still maintaining the look and feel of your overall website.

Parameters can be passed to Aura Template via the back end, allowing you to only show a few fields, but sending a full set of data to iATS.

The major differences between Aura and Aura Template are:


Aura Aura Template
Customer has access to modify Only iATS can produce and change
Customer creates as many as required iATS creates a few templates – identified with a Template ID
Each Aura is customer-specific and is only available for that customer’s use – i.e. dependant on the client code Aura Template is generic and can be reused – i.e. is independent of client code
Aura usually captures all information required for the donation Aura Template is used in conjunction with other pages / shopping carts and only sensitive information is captured


Interested to learn more? Full documentation on Aura Template is available here.

An example of Aura Template script only capturing credit card information would be:
*Process key values and passwords can change, please refer to the Public Sandbox Access in ‘Testing’ section.


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