iATS API Version 2 Now Available!

This release includes better method naming, additional methods, detailed parameters for existing methods, and more. To find the new release files, click here.



  • PHP 5.3.3 or greater
  • SOAP enabled in your PHP installation
  • An iATS Account when you're ready to go live



1. Download & unzip the latest source
2. Create a new folder named 'iATS' at the root of your application
3. Copy the 'lib' folder from the source into your new iATS folder
4. Create a new file called iATS.php in your new iATS folder. Paste the following into it and save the file:

​require 'iATS/lib/Core.php';
require 'iATS/lib/ProcessLink.php';
require 'iATS/lib/CustomerLink.php';
require 'iATS/lib/ReportLink.php';

5. Now you can add a 'require' to wherever you need to use the iATS library:

​require 'iATS/iATS.php';



See the Sample Code section for examples.



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Links to PDF's that document the underlying SOAP API can be found here.